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Introducing AI Apocalypto: The World's 1st Storytelling AIverse!


As AI is predicted to be a trillion-dollar industry in 2030, it may be the most stunning invention of man, which could lead us into the most exciting possible future that Humanity has ever witnessed. Or it could be Humanity's most terrifying creation, which could transport you back to the Stone Age. It could also be something we've never thought of.

To investigate, think about and understand the dangers of AI, we present AI Apocalypto, the world's 1st Storytelling AIverse, A Metaverse that is created, narrated and visualized using AI! Revive your robots and load your Gizmos while the AI describes how AI might be Apocalyptic!

However, it's more complex! In the Majestic Metaverse, you determine what happens after the tale ends! This allows you to steer the story within a world shaped by artificial intelligence in which storytelling is akin to the endless potential of imagination.

The metaverse is the Dystopian future in 2050. If an AI chatbot is created from Quantumachi, a city in Japan, it will become the most modern AI on the planet!

The next step is up to you!

Join them to embark on their Epic adventure and help spread AI awareness worldwide! The story is broken down into seasons and then into episodes.

AI Apocalypto also has an exclusive collection of NFTs with only a tiny amount of 5048. It is believed that the "50" in 5048 comes from "2050", i.e., the year the story takes place. Also, the "48" is a tribute to a well-known Novel! Do you know which one!?

The NFTs are constructed using an ERC1155 standard and carefully created using AI unique to each element in the tale. Only the NFT owners can vote on the narrative and propel the ecosystem to the next level!

Quantumachi is a Cybercity of Quantumachi and is home to two kinds of citizens - " Noborus" or the Risers of Quantumachi. And the " Raijins" or the Thunders of Quantumachi. Noborus are ordinary citizens, and Raijins are the notable residents of Quatumachi.

Join the Discord to become a Noboru citizen right away-


AI Apocalypto is entirely a community-driven project and has none of the VCs or angel investors. AI Apocalypto was built by the community by the community, and it's part of the community!

Stop AI's naiveté and free Humanity!

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