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What is Lepasa 3d game ready NFTs?

Lepasa is an initiative to create a virtual Web 3.0 ecosystem to create, experience, and monetize ideas while bringing real-world use cases. Lepasa is a Web 3.0 Metaverse ecosystem that aims to connect the vast possibilities of the virtual world with the real world for brands, businesses, and end users, bringing the concept of the virtually real to life.

What is Lepasa 3d game ready NFTs?

What is Lepasa?

Lepasa is a mythological virtual life created by a team of artists and built by blockchain enthusiasts. His goal is to create an ecosystem in which users can create, experience, and monetize their content and apps. Every creation on Lepasa is an NFT token (ERC-721) that is always owned by its holder on the Ethereum blockchain, giving them complete control over where and how they use it. The creature is a unique digital asset that is non-transferable and stored in Ethereum smart contracts.

It has recently piqued the interest of many people in the virtual world of world, both for fun and for the experience. Lepasa, unlike other virtual properties, is not managed by a centralised organisation. There is no single authority with the authority to change the rules of the software, content, or token economy, or to deny others access to it. This document explains the ideology, technical foundation, and economics of freelancing.

What makes Lepasa unique?

The creatures of Lepasa are "Fine Art 3D Game Ready NFTs, Not Just JPEGs." Lepasa NFTs provide the owner with access to the actual source file, which the NFT owner can then animate and use in games, videos, 3D Metaverses, and much more. Owners of our NFTs have access to the actual source file, not just a picture of it. These source files can be used in games, videos, pictures, and a variety of other applications. Our NFTs will set a new industry standard for quality.


Lepasa legendaries are created specifically for the Lepasa community and can only be obtained with $LEPA tokens.

  • High Liquidity: The $LEPA token has enough liquidity to allow for the swapping of NFT and tokens.
  • Hyperinflation: Each swap consumes a $LEPA token, ensuring perpetual scarcity.
  • Staking: Stake $LEPA tokens to earn rewards.
  • Access $LEPA across multiple public blockchains.

Tokenomics of $LEPA Token 

It is critical that you understand the token economy and how we will use the funds.

Total Supply: 100 million
Circulating Supply: Less than 10% initial 
Token Distribution: $0.15 Listing Price: $0.15 Public Sale: $0.10

Everything you need to know about the distribution of Lepasa tokens.

  • 1% Public sale - Price: $0.10 Listing Price - $0.15
  • Strategic and private distribution - 10% shall be vested upon listing, followed by daily vesting over a 365-day period.
  • Foundational Reserve - Daily vesting over 365 days after one year.
  • Marketing and Business Development - 10% vested upon listing, with daily vesting over 365 days.
  • Liquidity - 10% of the total supply is set aside for liquidity.
  • After one year, daily vesting is over 365 days.
  • Advisors - Daily vesting over 365 days after one year.


As previously stated, Lepasa was created with the intention of creating a mythological virtual world with distinctive fine art 3D NFTs that provide viewers with more than just an image but also access to actual source files. These source files contain a plethora of options, including games, videos, photos, and other NFTs.

The platform's utility token, like the platform itself, has a limited supply, which means it has the potential to provide investors with massive returns in both the long and short term. Lepasa has been featured on CoinMarketCap and NewsBTC, in addition to partnering with Polygon|Matic.

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