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Digital advertising is the promotion of the product or brand over the internet. According to Merriam-webster advertising is defined as the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements ”.  Digital advertising is also called as Internet marketing(advertising) or online advertising; when the business sway internet technology to market and promote its product or service and deliver promotional advertisement and messages to a consumer, it is essentially using the opportunity available through the internet to communicate marketing messages to consumers or visitors. Various mediums are available for advertisers and business organizations to place ads and integrate tools to manage ads campaigns for each medium. Each medium supports different types of digital media and placement options for attracting the attention of potential customers.  Wikipedia describes ads campaigns as following, “ An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme”.

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Types Of Digital Advertisement

  • PPC or Pay Per Click
  •  Pop up ads
  • Web banner ads that are displayed over the top of the webpage
  • Floating ads, that move up and disappear below the video or at bottom or sides of the webpage
  • Email and Newsletters
  • Social Media Marketing, influencers or celebrities collaborate with business and company to promote their product over their page or promotion over companies facebook, twitter or Instagram account.
  •  Mobile advertising, it includes in-app advertisement and video ads during mobile application usage

Social Media Advertising

What is social media advertising? Is social media advertising feasible?

With the dawn of high-speed internet across various computer and mobile devices, there is a rise in the number of active social media user across the globe. A recent survey by Hootsuite shows that :

  • The number of active internet users worldwide in 2019 is 4.388 billion.
  • The number of active social media users worldwide in 2019 is 3.484 billion.
According to a report from Sprout Social, on average, people spend almost 2.5 hours on social media every day. Time spent is going up year after year. People engage online and discuss brands and products they like, share their experience and review about the use of product. Thus we can conclude that social media plays important role in the advertisement for the product or services. Digital advertising provides an efficient and effective way to target and market product to the user of social media.
Social Media Advertising is a form of digital advertising or online advertising that focuses on social media platform for the promotion, branding and marketing of products and services. Advertising on a social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram which enables the advertiser to target ads based on user interests and likes; social media advertising make use of our internet search and browsing data to identify our needs-based on our interaction to a particular product or on e-commerce website link to our facebook or google account.

How does Digital advertisement on Social Media target ads to users or consumers?

While we surf or browse over the internet the search engine and web browser keeps track of our browsing history and saves the data in the form of cookies to make the data accessible quickly next time we access it. When we link our Gmail, Facebook or any other social media account to any e-commerce website or online shopping platform or like, share or comment on any product or service we use or likely to buy in future the web service provider keeps track of it; later on the organization utilizes this data to target the consumer based on their interaction to a particular type of product. For example when we search the product on and save it to our wishlist or to cart and didn’t order it; we see ads regarding that product or service on our Facebook page. The digital advertisement focuses on user based on their online buying behaviour and interests to market the product or services.

Digital Advertisement cost on various platforms 

Social Media Platform

Minimum AdVERTISEMENT Budget

impressions - $1/ day
clicks, likes, or views -$5/ day
app installs, offer claims  - $40/day


impressions  - $1 / day
clicks, likes, or views - $5 / day
app installs, offer claims $40 / day


$10 per day


$2/ click


No minimum budget cost


impressions  - $2.00
$0.10 /clicks

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